22 apr. 2015

Makeup Revolution - Lipsticks Review

A while ago I discovered Makeup Revolution and I loved how they have this variety of lipsticks so I decided to place an order. There were also some other girls that wanted to try their products so we  split the shipping costs (which is not very high, about 4-5 GBP).
I got 8 lipsticks and a matte eyeshadow palette (that I'm going to review in another post).
They are all very pigmented and quite long-lasting, especially the darker ones, which I love the most.
I chose these: Vice, Depraved, Atomic Serpent, Rebel With Cause, Make It Right, Make Me Tonight, 100% Vamp and Black Heart (these last two are a dark and a very very dark purple that's almost black).
The packaging is simple, black, with a coloured top for you to see the shade of the lipstick. I didn't take a picture of it so here's one from their website.

They texture is creamy and I like that it it doesn't dry your lips, even after a few hours. But this may depend on your lips, too.
Also, the prices are amazing! I paid only a pound for each lipstick. (which is about 6 lei; 1.5 $; 1.4 )
*you can click on the picture(s) in order to see them better*

These are some of the makeup looks I did with these products:
*I can't wait to get some more*

You can find more on my Facebook Page :)

16 apr. 2015

Be My Bear Palette - Makeup Look

I made a new post with the first make-up look I tried using the Be My Bear Palette cause the other one was already long enough.

I only used the palette and my Max Factor foundation.

Pupa - BE MY BEAR BIG Palette - Review

My mother gave me the Pupa Be My Bear Big Palette and I decided to make a short review of it.
So, here it is:

The packaging is one of the cutest I've ever seen. You can see there are two purple 'geometric' (I don't really know how to call this kind of design) bears with glittery details and it opens like this, showing the 8 eyeshadows, 2 blushes (one powder, one creamy), 8 lip glosses, 2 highlighters and a powder. It also has two pencils, a black and a silver one, along with two small applicators and a small round mirror.
*you can click on the photos in order to zoom them in*

The eyeshadows are quite pretty but not very pigmented and they also don't last very long unless you use a makeup base or a pencil underneath. The pencil can also enhance the shades so I recommed using one.

I'm not a big fan of lip glosses in general so I'm not sure what to say about these, as I'm also not a big fan of pink and they are mostly pink ones, except for the first one which (you can't see it very well here, sorry) is a glittery purple. There are two matte ones and a clear one, the rest being pearlescent. Maybe I can wear them over some lipsticks, I think the purple one goes pretty well with my Makeup Revolution dark purple lipsticks.
Also, they are quite long-lasting.

These are the blushes, highlighters, the powder and the two pencils. I really like the pencils, they are soft and pigmented and also, long-lasting. The creamy blush is my favourite thing about this palette and I think that this peachy shade suits my skin tone very well. I also like very much the less-glittery (haha...) highlighter and the powder is fine, too. I'll see when I'll wear it for a longer time how it behaves on my combination skin.

This second photo is taken in the sunlight.

This is my first review so I hope I covered  most of the stuff that matters. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them. :)

15 apr. 2015

Green Stripes

Last weekend I went to my parents' house and it was great cause I got to see my mother after a year and a half. Also, my boyfriend came with me and it turned out that all my favourite people like each other! :)
Also, I found in my old closet a top that looked like a skirt I bought recently and thought they would make a funny outfit together, like a costume. So, here it is! I also tried it with an underbust corset and it's pretty nice like that, too. I hope so find an event to wear this or maybe I'll just go crazy someday and go out like this.

7 apr. 2015

Nail polish - 'Jeans Texture'

*sorry if I don't greet you at the beginning of my posts, I just find it weird cause I don't know to whom I'm addressing*
I decided to try this new thing called 'jeans texture nail polish' and found a trick on the internet on how to make your own with sodium bicarbonate. So I gave it a try and this is how it came out. It looks pretty interesting but I kinda' have mixed feeling about it. I'm not sure I like it.
 Please, excuse my messy nails. :)

*you can click on each photo in order to be able to see the texture better*


6 apr. 2015

Carach Angren inspired Make-up for Contest Winner

I had a contest on facebook in which somebody could win the make-up of their favourite artist and this is the result. The winner was Vlad Stoica and he chose the makeup of Seregor from Carach Angren. This is a Symphonic black metal  or Horror Black Metal (as they say on their facebook page) band from Netherlands.
 I, myself, am not really into black metal (I don't hate it but it's not really my thing, with a few exceptions) but I really like these guys' makeup as it's not the typical corpse paint, it's a more creative version and also, a cleaner one. 
I'm goint to put at the end of this post a song that I like by Carach Angren.

There's a photo of the band

and a song of theirs 


I had some fun with some bandages and my new Grimas palette and it turned out like this... this sick/zombie/silent hill nurse-ish look. I think it looks pretty creepy and I'm quite happy with the result.

I have no idea how to call this, It's inspired by this look I've seen on pinterest but I don't know the artist :(

3 apr. 2015

"Noaptea Agentiilor"

Ok, this is going to be a long post. Last night  I went to this space-themed event hosted by Conversion and did some face painting. I started fooling around with Avatar characters, Star Trek and Star Wars and ended up doing small monsters and aliens around the mouth. It was pretty fun. There were also space-themed cookies and booze and some actors performed a few Star Wars scenes.
It was too bad I had to go home around 10 p.m. cause this morning I had to wake up early and catch up with the university stuff I have to do this year, being my last, it's really busy.