31 aug. 2015

Voodoo Priestess

I've not been very active lately but when I am, I do things like this. This look was inspired by some that I saw on pinterest/instagram. I used my Grimas palette and the gold is from Sleek 'Vintage Romance' palette. The lipstick is a combination between Makeup Revolution 'Make Me Tonight' and a cheap one that I really love (it's quite long-lasting and has a deep burgundy shade; also it only costs about 10-12 lei, which is about 2 or 3 $). 
Anyway, this is my version of a "Voodoo Priestess", with some of my boyfriends' jewellery and improvised props... haha.

23 aug. 2015

Dark/Goth-ish Make-up tutorial

 I had seen a lot of people doing their make-up like in the first photo, so I decided to try and help them by making another tutorial, for dark/goth-ish kinda' make-up. I am not trying to insult anybody, just to help them improve a bit their make-up technique.
So, here it is:

10 aug. 2015

DIY Matte Lipstick

DIY Matte lipstick:

e.l.f. lipstick (I used 'Nostalgic') + Makeup Revolution Palette (I <3 Passion - 'I Believe'; you can also use 'In My Heart') = Ta-daaa!!!

Try this with whatever shade you like and show me the result! ^_^