29 iun. 2015


I have guests! Pretty guests that I do make-up on.. haha. This is my friend, Denise, who is staying at my place for a few days and we are having fun with make-up. 
 You can also see these on my flickr or on my facebook page :)

Also, this look was for the Slash concert, so...

23 iun. 2015

Foundation tutorial (+light contour and blush)

Hey there, people!

Today I finished school. I graduated (took my last exam). I'm almost a psychologist (but this is another story).
This is one of the reasons I haven't been very active with my make-up looks and stuff.
Anyway, a few days ago I managed to film my second make-up tutorial ever. :)
Sorry about the music but I didn't have much time to pick from the 'free stuff' so I just went with this one.
Try not to fall asleep!
This is a simple foundation routine with a bit of contour and blush. It looked more intense in real life, more like a bronzed-ish... something.
I listed the products used in the description on the video but I'm putting them here, too.

 I used:
Bioten Face Toner for combination skin
Anatomicals ‘The hottie tottie is never spotty’ Anti Shine Moisturizer
Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation
Artdeco face powder
Oriflame concealer and bronzer
e.l.f. Essential Sunkissed Glow Bronzer
e.l.f. mineral blush in 'plum'
a cheap eyebrow gel
and e.l.f. Essential Hypershine Gloss in 'joy'

Excuse me for not being able to stop making silly faces... haha :)
In the future I hope to record voice-overs, too. :)

*Live long and prosper*

18 iun. 2015

BeYu Lip Liner Review/Swatch

I received this pencil (and an eyeshadow that I'm going to show you another time) from my friend, Mira and I must say that it is just what I needed!

It's from BeYu and, as you can see, it's a deep brown shade that matches my skintone, my hair, my life... haha. I was looking for a brown lip liner for a while and this is just perfect.

 As you can see, it's shade 525.

 I decided to try the 'pros' and 'cons' approach, so here it is:

- very pigmented
- matte finish
- nice texture
- long lasting
- you can apply it very easily

- it dries your lips (but not too much)

However, you can wear it with lipstick or with a lip balm or gloss and that fixes the issue. I just like wearing it without anything else on but I may try adding some lipstick in the future.

14 iun. 2015

Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara Review

As I said before, I don't usually wear mascara but I wanted to give this one a try just for the fun of it. You can see the difference between my eyes. I have naturally long and curved lashes so this is one of the reasons I don't usually wear mascara, I don't really feel that I need it that much. 
Anyway, you can see that this made my lashes even longer and they didn't stick to each other (I hate when that happens). I don't know about the curliness, it seems all right to me. 
For a £2.00 (about 13 lei) mascara I believe it does its job pretty well. 
You can find it on MakeupRevolution.com

12 iun. 2015

Makeup Revolution Review/Swatches

 Yesterday, my Makeup Revolution order got here and I was (and still am) very excited about it.
Not all these products are mine as there were some other girls who ordered with me and we split the shipping cost.
I got 5 palettes, an eyeliner, a mascara, a blush, a kajal and 2 lipsticks. So, here they are: (click on the photos to 'zoom')
I love the packaging of these products, it's simple, black, with the logo and product name in gold.

The colours are really intense and they last quite well, it was pretty hard for me to remove them with my makeup remover.

I haven't tested the mascara yet as I don't usually wear mascara but I will tell you what I think of it as soon as I get to wear it or use it on someone else.
This palette is so cute and small but the eyeshadows are quite intense and pigmented. It's called "Go! to Heaven". There are both matte and shimmery ones.I think they are perfect for day looks and also for a smokey eye, you can do a lot with this palette. I actually hoped it would be bigger but I don't think I'm going to finish it very soon.

*Shiny* <3
 This one has the cutest case ever! It's called "I ♡ Makeup I Heart Passion". I'm just in love with how pigmented all these eyeshadows are! This can also be a day-to-night palette. 
I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to see what looks I can do with it. :)

Soooo, I got 2 pink lipsticks. I don't wear pink. I sincerely thought they were less pigmented, more lip balm-like and one of them didn't look so pink on their website but I actually think they are pretty cute. They are super-hydrating and perfect for cold weather but also nice enough to be worn in the summer, too, as they are not sticky or anything and feel quite nice on the lips. I don't know yet how long they last cause I tried them last night, at home, before going to bed.. haha. We'll see. I think I'm going to use them on other people more than wear them myself or maybe do a giveaway. I don't know yet.  The shades are called "Love Pink" (yeah, I know that something called 'love pink' would be pink..haha...) and "Love a Hug".

And 3 more palettes (for the price of 2!!!!)
This one is just amazing! I love the colours, the pigmentation, everything! Two of them, the bright lime-yellow-ish one and the pink one from the last row need a bit of primer but the rest of them can be worn easily without and be really intense.
I actually did a makeup look yesterday using this palette, you can see it here: On my Flickr  

Ok, this one is my favourite because it was made for me. It matches my style, the eyeshadows are very pigmented, long-lasting (the hardest to remove with the makeup remover), I simply love these colours (I don't usually use the word "love" that much... in real life... this post is on fire!)
and *shiny* *just look at that purple!* (you can't see it very well in this photo but has this nice 'mermaid-like' shine)
Oh, I forgot to mention, this palette is called "Give Them Nightmares" but it gives me only sweet dreams. (well, that was kinda' cheesy...)

And "Welcome to the Pleasuredome"! Pam! Pam! Paaaaam!
I just ran out of words, you can see it for yourself, it's pretty, it's pigmented as hell, there is GOLD in it. What can I say more?!

 Firstly, excuse my notes (my final exam is coming in a week and there are psychology notes everywhere). Anyway, this is a palette I got last time I ordered and I realised that I haven't shown it so... here it is! This palette is called "Essential Mattes" and guess what? I has the essential mattes eyeshadows... haha. The brighter ones are perfect for blending your eyeshadow up, in your brow bone area, also for simple everyday looks, neutral looks and also, some smokey ones. I like to combine these eyeshadows with some shimmery ones but sometimes I just want to wear mattes and they go perfectly. Also, you can use the brown one for contour and the purple ones (the last two ones) as blush, they work well for me.