28 feb. 2015


Today I went out to Tiarra's rehearsals (that's the band my boyfriend is in) and for a walk after that. Sooo... we took some photos. It was quite warm today so this is my outfit idea for the start of spring. 
Almost all of the things I'm wearing here are vintage.

So, there's one of my favourite songs by Tiarra :

and this is the video for which I did the make-up:

26 feb. 2015

High Hopes

Today I took some more photos of different outfit ideas, still inside cause it was rainy and I still don't have somebody to take photos of me while there is still natural light. A lot of 'still'... haha.
I'm wearing my boyfriend's t-shirt and a vintage skirt a found in a sh store a while ago.

22 feb. 2015

Bridal II - different lips

This is the other version of the bridal look. I'm wearing Makeup Revolution 'Rebel With Cause' on my lips for this one. I chose to do two different lip versions because they would suit different personalities. For example, this one is more likely something that I would wear...

Anyway, I hope you like both ^__^


I decided to do more bridal looks, maybe I'll get different kind of clients as I've had only one bride and I really enjoy doing this type of make-up. It's true that I like special effects and face painting more but some beauty makeup is a a must, too.
I'm going to post another verson of this bridal look, with a different lipstick, a 'bolder' one.

I used a Max Factor foundation (Facefinity All Day Flawless - which has a matte finish);
The eyeshadows are from an Oriflame palette and Sleek one.
I also used a Sleek eyeshadow for my eyebrows and on my lips I'm wearing a lip-gloss by Oriflame.
I put some mascara on, too, even though I kinda' hate mascara cause I find it very hard to remove, even with an oily make-up remover or olive oil. It is by Astor and it's called Big & Beautiful LovelyDoll eye opening mascara. It's quite nice and really makes my lashes longer (I have naturally long lashes so my mascara 'hatred' is not much of an issue).

21 feb. 2015


I still haven't learnt how to pose properly so I'm just fooling around, showing you another outfit idea.

I'm going to post a make-up look, too, very soon.

This last photo is edited by my boyfriend and kinda' looks like a painting. He called it "Autumnalis", so I'm going to name this post after it as I'm not good at naming stuff...

And extra:
There's a funny photo I took today of a red bell pepper that seemed scared of being stuffed and put in the oven.. haha.

and, of course, a song :

19 feb. 2015

Glossy eyes

This is my second attempt ever to 'glossy eyes' look. You can't see it very well because it was late when I took the picture and in my bathroom the light is not that great but still...
I used a blue pencil, gilttery eyeshadow and gloss on top. I'm not wearing any other kind of make-up.

As far as I'm concerned, this was a shitty week cause they canceled the classes today and yesterday but didn't bother to let us know about that. Anyway, tonight I'm going to see Anneke Van Giersbergen and Arjen Lucassen so I'm really excited about this and I kinda' forgot that I spent 2 hours only to get to the university and back and too much money on a shitty and really small coffee from starbucks (it was my first time there and also my last). 

16 feb. 2015

To Blossom Blue

This is the last outfit from that day so I'm going to take photos of others very soon, hopefully outside. But I can't promise that because I don't have anyone to do that for me while there is still natural light as my boyfriend comes home from work at 6 p.m. So you might see his slippers again... haha. Yeah, he makes fun of the fact that his slippers are in almost all my 'outfit photos'. That's because I stood in the same place and I didn't notice them in the background.

This is a make-up look that I think would go well with this outfit:

And a song:

13 feb. 2015

Friday the 13th

Since it's Friday the 13th, I'm posting a look done a while ago based on Jason's mask. I used Snazaroo face paint and I didn't know we had a machete so I used a kitchen knife for the photos...haha.

I'm leaving you with one of the soundtracks

And a song by Alice Cooper inspired by the movie 

12 feb. 2015


Today I made a new friend and of course I had to do a make-up look on her as she has these gorgeous and interesting eyes.
I used:
Eyeshadows: Makeup Revolution - Essential Mattes Palette, Seventeen - Mint
Foundation: Max Factor Facefinity
Lipstick: Avon - Alluring Brown
Powder: Oriflame

I also took the photos and retouched them.
Model: Elena

And the song for this look is one that we both like very much:

11 feb. 2015


I tried to do one of La Esmeralda' s looks but my version came out a bit warmer, so it's more suitable for my skin tone. However, in the end I made it colder to be closer to hers. I'm not sure about the wings because I couldn't actually see the whole eye make-up so I improvised a bit. 
I used MakeupRevolution, BH Cosmetics and the foundation is by Max Factor. 
I uploaded one of the photos twice so you can see the difference in colour temperature.

For this look I chose some songs by Azam Ali, who's one of my favourite artists:


This is another outfit idea for warmer weather. I hope to post some more appropriate looks for this weather but these days I'm not in the mood for anything, I'm just scoring tests, cooking and stuff like this. I haven't even gone out for a few days and when I say out, I mean to the grocery store. Maybe cause it's too cold or I'm on holiday and I'm supposed to do a lot of stuff so, obviously, I'm not doing much.

I decided to also post here a make-up look that goes with this outfit

and, of course, some music:

8 feb. 2015

Don't fear the reaper

 I improvised a skull-ish look last night cause we got new lenses (yeeee!). I used Snazaroo and some pigments from Mayam, also a black eyeliner.

On the other hand, my headaches are back (hopefully not for very long this time as I discovered the pill that works). The good news is that there's nothing wrong with my brain so after the scan I'm more 'casual' about these episodes but they are annoying as fuck. Hopefully they will go away after more exercises (I've only been doing them for a month and it got a bit better) as the problem is mostly my neck and the fact that I can't relax those muscles and they get too tense.
Anyway, there's the song for this one:

and the original version: