29 iul. 2015

Fallen Angel

(click on each photo for full-size) 

I'm back from Prague (Yeah, I went to Prague; it was amazing! :D) and I'm also back with a new project I wanted to do for a while, which is an angel. But, as you can see, it got an interesting twist. Ha ha... So, this is my look for the "Fallen Angel" concept. I worked with amazing people, Monica Macedonski and Alex (Nadir), my boyfriend, and this is the result. :) 
I used Grimas Face Paints, Grimas Spirit Gum, Grimas Derma Wax and Grimas Fake Blood. Also, Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation and some feathers from a pair of wings I bought from a children's shop.
I don't mind receiving some feedback. :)

And bonus photo from Kutná Hora (Cz)

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