22 feb. 2015


I decided to do more bridal looks, maybe I'll get different kind of clients as I've had only one bride and I really enjoy doing this type of make-up. It's true that I like special effects and face painting more but some beauty makeup is a a must, too.
I'm going to post another verson of this bridal look, with a different lipstick, a 'bolder' one.

I used a Max Factor foundation (Facefinity All Day Flawless - which has a matte finish);
The eyeshadows are from an Oriflame palette and Sleek one.
I also used a Sleek eyeshadow for my eyebrows and on my lips I'm wearing a lip-gloss by Oriflame.
I put some mascara on, too, even though I kinda' hate mascara cause I find it very hard to remove, even with an oily make-up remover or olive oil. It is by Astor and it's called Big & Beautiful LovelyDoll eye opening mascara. It's quite nice and really makes my lashes longer (I have naturally long lashes so my mascara 'hatred' is not much of an issue).

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