6 apr. 2015

Carach Angren inspired Make-up for Contest Winner

I had a contest on facebook in which somebody could win the make-up of their favourite artist and this is the result. The winner was Vlad Stoica and he chose the makeup of Seregor from Carach Angren. This is a Symphonic black metal  or Horror Black Metal (as they say on their facebook page) band from Netherlands.
 I, myself, am not really into black metal (I don't hate it but it's not really my thing, with a few exceptions) but I really like these guys' makeup as it's not the typical corpse paint, it's a more creative version and also, a cleaner one. 
I'm goint to put at the end of this post a song that I like by Carach Angren.

There's a photo of the band

and a song of theirs 

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