22 apr. 2015

Makeup Revolution - Lipsticks Review

A while ago I discovered Makeup Revolution and I loved how they have this variety of lipsticks so I decided to place an order. There were also some other girls that wanted to try their products so we  split the shipping costs (which is not very high, about 4-5 GBP).
I got 8 lipsticks and a matte eyeshadow palette (that I'm going to review in another post).
They are all very pigmented and quite long-lasting, especially the darker ones, which I love the most.
I chose these: Vice, Depraved, Atomic Serpent, Rebel With Cause, Make It Right, Make Me Tonight, 100% Vamp and Black Heart (these last two are a dark and a very very dark purple that's almost black).
The packaging is simple, black, with a coloured top for you to see the shade of the lipstick. I didn't take a picture of it so here's one from their website.

They texture is creamy and I like that it it doesn't dry your lips, even after a few hours. But this may depend on your lips, too.
Also, the prices are amazing! I paid only a pound for each lipstick. (which is about 6 lei; 1.5 $; 1.4 )
*you can click on the picture(s) in order to see them better*

These are some of the makeup looks I did with these products:
*I can't wait to get some more*

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