12 mai 2015

Tribal Muse by Raluca Polea

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm going to show you some of the work we did a few weeks ago. This is a collaboration with Raluca Polea Jewelry, who is a really talented artist (check out her page for more amazing stuff!). We found out that we have in common this love for tribal/ethnic jewelry and clothes and decided to get together for a photo shoot of some of her pieces of the "Tribal Muse" Collection. The models are Ioana Horez (who is a natural) and myself, not so great with posing but we took lots of photos  and I managed to pick a few good ones. Ha ha... I took the photos of Ioana and Raluca took those of me and I retouched them all.
So, here they are! (you should click on them in order to view them at full size)

Also, here is a sneak peek on one of her next pieces of this collection:

and a song
I don't know if it goes with this post, maybe with a part of it but I love Beats Antique

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