6 mar. 2015

Animal Print

While the weather is fucked up again, I still have this spring outfit idea, so I'm posting it now anyway. I must say that I haven't yet worn these shoes I got a few months ago from an online store here (they were on sale, so I paid only 50 lei for them, which is quite cheap for a new pair of shoes). So I can't wait to wear them but now I have to wait for the 'spring snow' to pass.. haha.
The shirt is from Select, the sweather is a gift from my mom and the jeans are just one of my old pairs of jeans that I have since I was in highschool. Oh, and the rings I got from ebay.

As for me, my blood tests came out fine, also some of the other tests but I'm still waiting for a few results so, keep your fingers crossed. On the other hand, I got an inhaler but I hope not to use it very often if not at all. I've been having some trouble breathing for the past few weeks so I got checked out and it turned out that there may be something wrong there but they were not sure as I'm still fighting a REALLY NASTY cold that I caught a few weeks ago. So, we'll see how this goes.

There's also a song for this post as I made this sort of my signature, so, enjoy:

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