31 mar. 2015


I finally got a creamy palette and started experimenting with bruises and all kinds of stuff. I'm going to practise more in order to make them look more realistic. I'm really excited about this Grimas Palette as I think it will help me a lot and also, it was pretty expensive. I hope to get an alcohol activated one soon as they make the bruises look even more realistic and you can blend the colours and shades more easily. 

Anyway, I used this palette last weekend when we filmed a video for a local metal band so I'm going to show you the final result when it's ready. Until then, there's preview at the end of this post.

Also, this week I'm going to an event and making alines so there's going to be a post about that soon. I hope it goes well. It would be better if I had prosthetics but I can't really afford them right now. I'm always dreaming about using real prosthetics not only the small ones that I improvise. Anyway, this may happen soon if all goes my way, so keep your fingers crossed!

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