28 ian. 2015

Experiment 2

So today I look like an old lady. Ha ha. I really like this outfit but as I don't go out much lately (the weather is awful and I have to study and write my degree paper, which, of course I'm not cause I do anything but that...). Anyway, I tried a few more outfits today but I'm going to post them later or the next days. This one, as you can see, has two top versions that I think go well with the skirt. If I were to go out, I would probably wear this and a coat, of course as it's really cold and I'm usually adopting the 'onion' outfit on winters.
I didn't feel like putting too much make-up on so, enjoy my bare face with some Avon lipstick.

I still haven't learnt how to pose full-body, I'm working more on the face part (well, not here...) cause I'm usually interested in taking a good photo of my make-up.

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