28 ian. 2015

Golden Tears

This is a recent look, actually it's an improvisation that turned out like this.  I also have a different version for the mouth but I haven't edited any photos with that yet, so I'll post it when I edit them.
I don't really remember what I used but surely there's the Sleek Vintage Romance Palette (I just love this palette, it's my favourite, especially the gold eyeshadow). I think I used some of my Mayam pigments and a dark brown eyeshadow for my eyebrows. Also, I lined my eyes with a black pigment and the highlighter is by E.L.F., which is actually a light bronzer; it's very nice and gives you a naturally tanned look (I'm not a fan of tanning but this product is really nice and useful).
Well, looks like I managed to remember most of them after all... haha. :)

P.S. If you didn't know, you can click on the photos to see them better. :)

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