27 ian. 2015

New start

I've decided to start a blog again and maybe do it better this time. Last time, I only posted photos of my make-up looks but it felt like not enough. So, I'll start posting again with this one, which is my most recent look and put the older ones here depending on my mood.
This one I called on my facebook page (http://facebook.com/nixe.makeup), where I'm more active, "Yesterday's I was bored kinda' look" as I'm not very good at picking names for my looks or for my paintings/drawings.
I used Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette on my eyebrows and on my eyelids, along with an eyeshadow from the Vintage Romance 141 Palette by Sleek. On my lips I'm wearing 'Make It Right' by Makeup Revolution. I don't remember which foundation I wore but I think it's by Max Factor (which I bought online and the undertone doesn't really suit me so I can wear it only inside or I can use it on someone else..haha).

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